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Celeb Style File: 2NE1

Celeb Style File: 2NE1 Welcome to the tenth edition of Celeb Style File, where we give you a look at close-up personal style of a celebrity! This week we cover 2NE1, whose music video for the new single “Best I am” will be published within a few days! We can not wait! Can you think of another group of girls just like 2NE1 somehow these four ladies were able to fill a niche in a market oversaturated;? Even with the impressive number of idol groups that began in the last five years, 2NE1 maintains a musical. and style of dress that is completely unique so that the groups tend to reside somewhere other girl along a two-dimensional spectrum against cute sexy, 2NE1 came out of left field and marked a space that does not even realized existed – once the realm of unoccupied sassy, ??confident, crazy, and(that word is a cliche by now, but it must be said) fierce. And not that fake, watered-down kind of beast that comes from simply putting on a costume crazy. 2NE1 is the real deal, inside and out. profile style and evolution Everyone knows what style 2NE1, right? Tons of metallic material, acid-washed denim, eye-popping neon colors mixed! with lots of black leather, shiny metallic colors, and prints the most outrageous than you can imagine looking 2NE1 debut was quite emblematic. neon highlighter colors and hairstyles fun vibe mixed with hip-hop but they do not quickly adjust the evidence themselves able to transform into any image could possibly conceive: Hardcore hip-hop, the space age, heavy metal, sporty – but always put their own stamp on the computer crazy in their latest incarnation, the girls alternate between the dresses and metallic futuristic atmosphere rebels difficult. ? Marks And Let's just refer to the opening lines of “Nobody”: “. Balmain to KTZ / Several styles to Z / Jeremy Scott, Givenchy “These are not empty words, as 2NE1 focused videos in their latest designs for Balmain, Balenciaga and Burberry Prorsum(” Lonely “), Gareth Pugh(“I am the best”). and Alexander McQueen(“Do not Stop the Music”) and their off-screen appearances, is the same. Styles Individual exception for a group idol, it seems that girls are encouraged to show their styles 2NE1 individual, while maintaining an appearance of cohesion as … Let's break it all Bom is definitely the style of the four youngest daughter She loves, loves, loves her minidresses – to better show her gams fantastic! If they are not short enough, so she has no problem cutting up to $1,000 dresses until the point of shock. Long hair and heavy lashes help Bom play up her femininity, but she has no problem going casual accessorizing with scarves crazy when the opportunity arises. For us personally, CL more than anyone defined 2NE1 concept. We question why this girl manages to be the leader when 2NE1 that honor is usually given to the former member of the group – if you've ever seen in CL action, the answer is obvious this girl off a charisma each word, we.! used to describe early 2NE1 CL also describes the style to a T. Sandara certainly the thing the cute boy happens, is not it? We always forget that she is older than CL and Minzy because his appearance and behavior are so young and adorable. However, like Bom can dial down her killer girly accoutrements, Dara has proven to be able to put on the glam! has the edgiest style – and in this particular group, it's really saying something How does she manage to pull it off Let spiked collars, spiked sweatshirts, many and many, many black You not want to have fun!? .. with this girl! However, it also changes Minzy a bit, alternating the goth accoutrements with a fun, hip-hop style that recalls the early days of 2NE1. For this week we shelves are judgments about favorite outfits and least favorite – there are four girls, tons of clothes, and it's just too much for us to choose, as always, if you have any suggestions! celebrities to function, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate! See you next weekend!


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